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Somewhere deep within the realms of heaven, Dale Earnhardt is smiling. Smiling because his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., will marry the love of his life on Dec. 31.

Now granted, many never thought this day would come. Many believed that Dale Jr., 42, would end up being the consummate bachelor, never finding a way to let anything but the love of racing enter his heart. Yet, years ago, when an incredible woman by the name of Amy Reimann began showing up in the pits and in victory lane, everyone could see – Dale Jr. was in love.

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There was a special look in his eye. It was the way they treated each other. It was the smile that would stay on his face, long after the checkered flag waved. It was something so drastically different from what NASCAR fans had ever seen before from their most popular driver … and it was magical.

On the day of their nuptials, shared a thirty-second montage of the couple, showing the chemistry between the two from the very beginning.

And it warmed our hearts.

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Of course, within many of life’s milestones lay a tinge of cruelty when a loved one is not there to share in it. Oh, how we wish Dale could be there to see his son on what will certainly be one of the greatest days of his life.

But as we all know, he will be there, flashing that big smile of his as he watches his son cross love’s most beautiful finish line.

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