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We have never used the words Luke Bryan and beat boxing in the same sentence — until now.

Released on their YouTube channel on Jan. 11, musical talent Adam Christopher and beat boxer Drew Jamrose have done a bang-up job on a new version of Luke Bryan’s current single, “Home Alone Tonight,” that mixes some new sounds with the well-known melody of the song.

And while it’s far from country, there is no denying that it is way cool.

As you may recall, Bryan debuted this single alongside Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild on last year’s American Music Awards. And yes, it was a tough decision for Bryan to pick a duet partner.

“Man, from the time that song comes on I was sold completely,” Bryan said earlier this year. “At that point, it was up for me to find out who is going to be the girl voice. After much deliberation and figuring it out, we arrived at Karen. I had thought about individual female artists, and I wasn’t thinking about a girl in a group. Finally, I saw Karen one day and the light bulb went off. I sent her Home Alone Tonight, and she really loved the song.”

We love the song too, Luke.

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