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The lyrics say “huntin’, fishin’ and lovin’ every day fellas.”

So, what in the world had this hunter hatin’ on Luke Bryan? Turns out, it was a deer stand.

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We typically think of outdoor sportsmen as a brotherhood. They’re competitive but mostly in a friendly way. So, when Luke came under attack on Twitter it became obvious that it isn’t always friendly.

It started with Luke being tagged in a tweet that said, “How do you mess up a song about hunting and fishing?? Thanks Luke Bryan.”

Luke responded questioning what the tweet meant. The Twitter user stated that it wasn’t a country song, referring to Luke’s “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday,” to which Luke replied: “@kolton_pete well man. I’m a country music artist that put a song out on country radio with the topic of hunting and fishing in it…@kolton_pete I thought guys like yourself would like that.”

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Eventually, a few of the original poster’s friends began to chime in as well, and the Twitter thread got a little ugly as the country music superstar’s fans chimed in to defend him. But then the attack turned into a ploy to get Luke to take the boys hunting at the E3 Ranch where the singer apparently has a deer lease. The good-natured Georgia boy let the banter play out, eventually wishing his fellow hunters well and a successful hunting season.

It turns out, one of the instigators is actually a fan of Luke’s who really does want to hunt with the star. And he may have made it until someone else attempted to get in on the conversation and made derogatory comments about Luke’s brand of country music and then his choice of clothing.

At that point, Luke checked out of the silliness, but that’s OK. A mob of fans continued to blast the angry young men who were chiding their favorite star.

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