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Don’t get Luke Bryan mad. And for the record — fighting in a crowd of 200,000 during his last spring break show in Panama City Beach makes this country boy just a tad mad.

As demonstrated in this video from his seventh and final year of two-day Spring Break concerts at the Spinnaker Beach Club, Bryan took matters into his own hands when he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. “What’s going on out there?” he asked the rowdy crowd. “Listen. Ain’t no more damn fighting. This is my last fucking show. Y’all ain’t fucking up my good time. And you damn sure not going to hurt any of these good looking country girls we have here.”

After calling out another party-goer that had climbed one of Bryan’s spring break signs — “Dude on the sign – get you’re ass down”  — Bryan yet again turned to the crowd to see if they could all calm down a bit. “Listen…you all done fighting? As long as no one fights, I will keep playing or you’re ass will be in jail,” Bryan said, as the crowd below him erupted in a “We want Luke” chant.

Timing of this incident coincided with Today’s Jenna Bush in attendance, who was covering the final event with a story that aired March 16.

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