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When country superstar Luke Bryan released the track list for his new “Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer” EP, many fans raised their eyes when they read the title of one of the songs — “Love Me in a Field.”


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And while the title alone raised people’s expectations, a brand-new lyric video for the song is giving fans a first listen to the song that just might be Luke’s most sultry love song yet.

With sexy lyrics such as “Let’s get tangled in the tassels of some 10-foot corn” and “Tear our T-shirts in the cotton patch behind the barn,” it’s no mystery what Luke has on his mind.

And it’s no mystery that the song just might become a quick fan favorite, especially for all those fans that will be heading out to catch the “Bayer Presents Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2016.” As a result of Hurricane Matthew, the first show in South Carolina on Oct. 5 was canceled. However, the Oct. 6 show at Tennessee’s Maple Lane Farms went on as planned, despite Luke recently breaking his clavicle and having to perform in a sling.

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“Back when I started music, it wasn’t uncommon to have a fan party in a field somewhere or tractor shed somewhere that one of my buddies had and we would park some cars at the gate,” Luke recalls in a recent interview. “We had to kind of create ways to have those. So when I moved to Nashville, I remembered those moments and thought we should take a stab on this on a bigger level.”

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