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On Oct. 9, Luke Bryan shared a pic with a frown on his face and wife Carolyn by his side on his way to the hospital for surgery on his broken collarbone. “Heading to surgery,” he wrote. “Ugh.”

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Yet, it was the tweet he shared soon following that had country music fans jumping with joy.

Forever the showman, Luke took his ride to surgery as the perfect time to take the opportunity to let his fans know that his injury won’t sideline him for very long on his annual Farm Tour. “Oh,” he wrote. “Shows still on btw. Will be all good for Wednesday”

As country music fans know, Luke’s first show of the 2016 Farm Tour took place in Greenback, Tennessee as scheduled, just hours after he had been released from the hospital, where he was treated after his accident with not only a broken collarbone, but also a nasty bruise as a result of the accident.

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Luke then shared a post-surgery X-ray captioning the pic, “All good. Got me some metal.”

Luke will be recuperating onstage as his tour continues on Oct. 12 in Batesville, Mississippi; Oct. 13 in Prairie Grove, Arkansas; Oct. 14 in Centralia, Missouri; and Oct. 15 in Effingham, Illinois.

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