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Let’s face it — whether it’s our hands, feet, eyes or hair, there’s always a feature that stands out to us the most when it comes to our appearance.

And, according to country music star Luke Bryan, his is his belly button.

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“I have a big belly button,” Luke revealed when he appeared on the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Big D and Bubba Show” on Oct. 4, “and, my sons both have it [too].”

Yes, Luke may be fully aware that he has an unusually large naval, but the 40-year-old country crooner seems to also be pretty fond of it, too. In fact, he calls that part of his tummy a “sugar bowl.”

“My mom [would be like], ‘Go on and clean out your sugar bowl boy,’” joked Luke, adding, “’you’ve got lint in your sugar bowl.’”

Hilarity also ensued during the broadcast when producer Patrick Thomas felt compelled to compare “sugar bowls” with the “Move” singer. “I can’t unsee that!” Luke quipped after Patrick lifted up his shirt.

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Aside from all of the belly button talk, a different part of Luke’s body became the topic of conversation earlier this week. Ahead of his 2016 Farm Tour show on Oct. 6, Luke injured his clavicle in a bike accident. Despite being hospitalized, he continued his show as planned at the Maple Lane Farms in Greenback, Tennessee.

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