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Every year on Dec. 31 we celebrate celebrate fresh starts and a new year with, arguably, the largest party in the U.S. It goes from coast to coast and lasts all day and all night. Champagne corks will be popped, resolutions will be made, “Auld Lang Syne” will be sung and birthday candles will be blown out.

Wait, what?

Yep! For Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan’s beautiful wife of 10 years, the last day of the year also marks her birthday.

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Now, for most touring artists, New Year’s Eve is usually another night of work, which means spouses and significant others are often left standing alone. And even though it was her birthday, Caroline was enjoying Luke’s Las Vegas show from a spot in the crowd with her friend Katie, who was also celebrating a birthday.

But, that didn’t mean Luke couldn’t honor his breathtaking bride and the mother of his two precious sons. In fact, he even got a little help from the energetic Vegas crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” to his “dear baby.”

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Of course, the concert was double the fun for the country superstar since the birthday party was also a New Year’s Eve party. So when it came time to countdown to midnight and share a sweet smooch, Luke brought Caroline onstage so they didn’t miss the magical moment.

Happy Birthday to Caroline, and Happy New Year to Mr. and Mrs. Bryan!

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