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We love the photos that country stars share of their families. It’s a good reminder that even though they have amazing jobs, they’re just like us. Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, really drove hat point home when she shared a pair of photos of the couple’s beautiful sons.

Caroline posted the photos on Instagram, starting with a precious picture of oldest son, Bo, that looks like a painting. Bo is obviously getting ready for bed and has his hands folded and eyes closed as he says his prayers.

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Tate, on the other hand, appears to be fast asleep, thanks to a little assistance from an eye mask. Not just any eye mask, though.

Caroline writes, “Pretty much says it all about their personalities. I catch Bo saying his prayers … meanwhile diva Tate has stolen my sleep mask. I’ve been looking for that thing for three months.” (Click the right arrow on the photo below to see the second image.)

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It looks like Bo is favoring Luke more and Tate resembles Caroline. But as far as those personalities go, we’re thinking they got a lot of each of their parents, who are both at times reverent and at others, downright crazy.

Maybe Caroline should work on a coffee table book: “The Many Faces of the Bryan Family.”

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