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These days, you’ll find that plenty of country music artists are collaborating with singers from outside of the genre.

And, Luke Bryan is no different. Heck, he and R&B artist Jason Derulo are practically buddies!

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But, there’s one such artist that Luke says he’d probably pass on singing a duet with, and that’s rapper Kanye West. The 40-year-old Georgian didn’t go into too much detail surrounding his conflict with Kanye, but he did provide enough information for us to assume that a Luke and Kanye pairing wouldn’t be likely.

Luke dropped that bombshell when he appeared on The Bobby Bones Show on Oct. 6. It all happened during an epic round of the hilarious party game, Would You Rather. On-air radio personality Bobby posed the question to Luke, “Would you rather collaborate with Kanye West or Justin Bieber?”

“Oh, that’s easy [Justin] Bieber,” Luke quipped. “I mean you’re asking me would I rather meet Kanye or Bieber. This is set up! I’ve just got to shut up.”

But, before he did shut up, he managed to sneak in a few more words.

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“Kanye is crazy. He’s crazy!” said Luke, adding, “You don’t have to be an ass.” Luke seemed to want to say more about his real feelings on Kanye, but chose to only allude to the fact that he wasn’t a fan of the “Gold Digger” singer.

Following his visit with The Bobby Bones Show, Luke was hurt in a bike accident. He broke his clavicle and is now recovering while in the midst of his 2016 Farm Tour. On Oct. 7, Luke will make his way to Highland Farms in Elizabethtown, Kentucky for his next stop.

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