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There’s a saying that goes: “Couples who sweat together, stay together.” Perhaps that’s the edge that Blake Shelton has with his famous girlfriend and fellow “The Voice” coach, Gwen Stefani.

After all, the two have been dating for over a year now, and they couldn’t appear to be any happier together!

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In a Facebook Live interview with “Entertainment Tonight” on April 18, the 47-year-old “Hollaback Girl” revealed that she and her country beau exercise together from time to time. She even went as far to say that Blake is her “trainer.”

“He killed the gym this morning,” Gwen said about Blake. “It’s funny because he’s so tall that like, literally no sweat suits fit him. So, he always has flood [pants] with the white socks between [them.]”

“It’s fun,” she continued. “Actually, it’s because of him that I worked out this morning. I wasn’t going to work out… He’s my trainer.”

On April 18, Gwen also took to Snapchat to rave over her workout buddy with pictures and videos. She included the caption, “Man handled the gym today!”

Despite Gwen’s glowing remarks about her country hunk’s hardcore workouts, Blake admitted that hitting the gym isn’t as easy as it used to be.

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“I get hurt everyday. My back hurts, my knee hurts – everything,” he said before gushing over Gwen’s natural beauty. “Wouldn’t you like to be born with her genetics? I mean, my god! It’s not fair.”

Now that’s one strong couple!

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