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Country music star Blake Shelton and his girlfriend of one year, Gwen Stefani, make a great team when it comes to being in a relationship together.

But, it looks like that will change once they hit the set of NBC’s “The Voice.”

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The cute couple, who fell in love on the sing-off show during season 9, will reunite as coaches on season 12. But, they’re not letting their romance off-screen get in the way of some friendly competition on screen.

And, luckily for Gwen, she has coaches Adam Levine and Alicia Keys working on her side.

“We’re all against Blake pretty much, because we’re angry at him,” Alicia jokingly tells “The Insider.” “The three of us are totally one thousand percent against Blake. One day we are going to bring him down!”

The trio’s reason for turning against Blake is because he remains the coach with the most wins. Last season he earned his fifth win with Texas country singer Sundance Head. On top of that, Gwen has a bone to pick with her beau since he stole her season 7 contestant Craig Wayne Boyd.

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“She’s had a little bit of a taste of it,” says Blake, regarding his competitive spirit. “And I think she’s also got a score to settle with me and with all the coaches honestly. Make no mistake we’re all here to win this thing.”

Of course, all of the competitive talk is in good fun, which totally makes us even more excited to watch the show! Season 12 of “The Voice” premieres Feb. 27 on NBC.

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