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It seems weird to say about someone who is only 22 years old, but Lauren Alaina isn’t getting older, she’s getting better. Not only is our sweet George peach leaving a smoke trail as she burns up the charts with her newest single, “Road Less Traveled,” but she’s also becoming a role model for keeping it real and being the best possible version of herself she can be.

In a new post on her social media page, Lauren admitted that she had considered blowing off her daily workout with trainer Erin Opera, the same fitness guru that helped Carrie Underwood get those strong, shapely legs. It sounds like Lauren got a little tough love from her coach, but she didn’t mind, especially after Erin grabbed a photo of the country singer’s hot, fit new body as it was reflected in the door.

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Lauren, of course, had a pun for the post saying, “When you try to cancel your workout and your trainer says you’re not allowed. She was ABSolutely right…”

Now, we’ve seen Lauren in belly skimming tops on her socials before, but the last time that we saw one that really showcased her torso was when she shared a “before and after” image on Instagram over a month ago. There’s no denying the effect that working out with Erin has had on the young singer’s body, but holy cow! We even see a difference in the new photo just five weeks later.

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We’ve always said and will always say that Lauren is a favorite for us, no matter what she looks like, and her fans agree. Heck, they’ve given her her first Top 5 single! While “Road Less Traveled” is about not placing value on your physical appearance, it also talks about marching to your own drum and doing what makes you happy.

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