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Hillary Scott had no idea what God had in store when she released her inspirational song, “Thy Will.”

The song comes from a place of deep pain for Hillary. She wrote it after experiencing a miscarriage in September 2015, which was easily the most difficult season of her life. Through it all, Hillary kept seeking God for help in understanding why He would allow this loss to happen.

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“A lot of people have asked me, ‘Did you question your faith?'” Hillary tells Rare Country. “I never questioned my faith, like, my belief in God. I questioned God and why and feeling like [my husband] Chris and I had prayed to get pregnant and prayed for this baby. And we got pregnant. We saw that positive pregnancy test only for nine weeks later to see it was not going to be a healthy pregnancy.”

She continues, “That was the biggest thing of like, ‘Lord, I felt you give me the green light on this one, so why?'”

That was Hillary’s state of mind when she went in to write “Thy Will.” She knew in her heart God’s will was still playing out for the best, but she felt like God had given her a “yes” with this pregnancy.

Hillary explains, “What I’ve learned through it that it was a ‘yes,’ it just wasn’t the ‘yes’ that I thought it would be.”

In writing and releasing “Thy Will,” Hillary has seen God say “yes” many times over as the song brings hope and healing to those who have experienced the pain of losing a child. The song is also helping break the stigma surrounding miscarriage, which Hillary has heard described as “a silent grief — something that you don’t really talk about publicly or even to your close family and friends.”

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That’s why Hillary is keeping track of every story she can find online, and some of the stories are downright incredible.

Speaking of one story in particular, Hillary says, “There was a woman who, on an Instagram comment, just said, ‘I’ve never talked about this, but November 1986, I miscarried, and I’ve never talked about it.’ Thirty years that this woman has been walking through dealing with that and for some reason feeling like she couldn’t talk about it.”

Other people share Hillary’s pain of feeling they had the green light from God to welcome a child into the world only to struggle with feelings of betrayal and hurt that come with a miscarriage. One couple’s story especially rings true for Hillary.

She explains, “Another [story] was just this couple that have been on a journey to continue to expand their family and have had multiple, multiple miscarriages and late, late weeks in and just continuing to feel like, ‘OK, we get carried almost all the way.'”

Hillary goes on to say, “Those are the stories that have been heartbreaking, but also you gain so much perspective in your own life and what you really call a struggle or something that’s really hard. Because look at what this person is doing and they’re rising up and overcoming and they’re walking on, marching on, in the most beautiful way possible, and how? How do they do that?””

The answer to that question lies in the strength that comes from being able to talk to other people who have gone through the same hurt and also knowing there is a God orchestrating it all.

“I don’t wish what I went through on anybody,” Hillary says, “but I can say that I am, one, stronger. I’m a better mom, and I feel like I have used what happened to me in a positive way, and only by the grace of God have I been able to do that — and his strength within me.”

“Thy Will” is the lead release from Hillary’s new faith-based album with her family, billed as Hillary Scott and the Scott Family. It’s called “Love Remains,” and Hillary shares lead vocal duties throughout the project with her dad, Lang Scott; her sister, Riley, and her Grammy-winning mother, Linda Davis, best known as Reba McEntire’s duet partner on “Does He Love You.”

“Love Remains” is on sale July 29.

Hillary Scott and Lady Antebellum will be performing on CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock at 8 / 7c on Wednesday, Aug. 3 on ABC.

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