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Kelly Clarkson has a new obsession that’s kept her up all night. It’s the new Netflix series “The OA,” and it’s got Kelly feeling all the emotions.

She tweets, “I mean, I might have stayed awake all night long watching OA. Don’t u judge me. It’s like a damn chip. U can’t just have 1! #damnyounetflix.”

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Kelly’s feelings continue from there with the next tweet, “I’m so inspired. Yet tired. Yet elated. Yet overwhelmed. I don’t know what 2 do now? Been sitting at my desk now 4 a good while.”

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Apparently, Kelly was walking around the house in a daze after her all-night Netflix binge.

She adds, “My hubby made me coffee ….after politely saying it was probably a poor decision to stay up all night ha! He’s got a point.”

So, should you dive in to “The OA?” Kelly says it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly.

“U have 2 have some serious time 2 commit,” Kelly advises, “because you will not just watch one. you will watch them all!”

Wise words, Kelly Clarkson!

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