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As Kelly Clarkson tore through her Feb. 25 “American Idol” performance of her heart-breaker of a song “Piece by Piece,” most viewers’ eyes were glued on Kelly and their ears were centered on the devastating lyrics coming out of her mouth.

But for country music fans, we were worried about our very own Keith Urban. Because throughout the performance, the camera repeatedly focused in on the “American Idol” judge, who was growing more and more emotional with each and every note, which got us all crying too.

“The song was insane,” Keith told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, you are either crying at this performance or you don’t have a pulse. It’s just an amazing song. I was having tears falling out. I didn’t know what was going on. Separate from her incredible gift as a singer and the song and the performance, but the humanity in that moment was just… you never see that, let alone on television. I was so grateful to be there and witness it.”

And because of it, it sounds like Kelly now has a lifelong fan in Keith. “She’s a phenomenal singer,” he continued. “She’s super real. She doesn’t have two personalities. It’s just that. It’s so refreshing to be around that and see that.”

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