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It wasn’t on his calendar or any other live music calendar in Nashville at that, but that doesn’t mean that when Keith Urban decided he wanted to play on a Thursday night he couldn’t. In fact, after finding a good location at a local club, all it took was a few phone calls to get a decent-sized audience to show up for the Aussie.

On April 13, Keith performed a secret pop-up show at favorite Nashville nightclub 12th & Porter. Folks were notified about the show in phone calls and text messages, and the intimate nature of the club meant that everybody who made it in had a great view of the stage.

Of course, Keith’s wife, Nicole, had the best seat in the house, and while she typically stays off stage, it couldn’t be avoided during this special show. So, when Keith performed “Without You” for his beautiful bride, all eyes were on her.

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The magical moments were abundant, though — just ask Lisa Nicole. This aspiring young country star worked up the nerve to ask Keith if she could sing “We Were Us” with him and he happily welcomed her to the stage.

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This pop-up show comes at the end of a week that also found him celebrating his fifth anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. With “American Idol” ending a year ago and his Ripcord World Tour wrapping late in 2016, it seems that Keith is anxious to get back to work. No worries, though, since he will be busy all summer long playing at fairs and festivals across the United States and into Canada.

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