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Most women would be seeing red if their husbands came home from work with claw marks all over his body. That’s not the case for Nicole Kidman. She knows it’s just part of the job for her superstar hubby, Keith Urban.

In a new interview with New Orleans’ “The Advocate,” Keith explains that he doesn’t like to have bodyguards coming between him and his fans when he hops into the audience during his show. That means eager women can scratch and claw at Keith as much as they want to if he happens to walk through their section.

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Keith says those encounters regularly leave him with claw marks across his chest.

He adds, “Thankfully I have a wife who knows what I do for a living.”

That’s one understanding wife right there.

So, why doesn’t Keith take more precautions to keep himself out of harm’s way during his shows? The answer is simple.

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He says, “Being in the moment – that’s what it’s all about. I love the spontaneity so much because it’s the most real thing that’s going to happen. I’m willing for it to be a disaster because the pay-off, if it isn’t a disaster, is a really great moment.”

Besides, those fan encounters add an unscripted element to Keith’s shows every night.

He adds, “Someone can grab your hair or put you in an over-passionate hug that becomes a headlock. But it’s real, and the energy is so real. When everybody’s sort of neatly parted like the waters, it’s so boring. I just find it lame. I’m not interested, the energy feels like bullshit. I’d rather have a little bit of chaos about it.”

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