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Let’s be blunt. Being a woman can suck sometimes, especially once a month. But, it was more than just a case of PMS that was setting Kacey Musgraves off. The planets were not lining up for her either.

In a Twitter double-play, the frank and boldly honest singer-songwriter had a very specific message for Aunt Flo and the cosmos.

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In the first tweet, Kacey got right to the point telling Mercury retrograde and PMS that they could “f**k off.”

And in the second, she shared the circumstances behind her passionate message—“acne and communication issues.”

We aren’t surprised by Kacey’s candid messages to the universe. Like Loretta Lynn before her, Kacey can attribute much of her success to saying and singing what other people were afraid to say. Her songs have freely touched on such previously taboo subjects as same sex relationships and drug use, and she presents them in a manner that makes you question why they were ever off limits in the first place.

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While all of us can feel the planetary tug when Mercury is in retrograde, only females can fully understand premenstrual syndrome and appreciate the pure evil that the combination can create. Maybe a good song will come out of it for Kacey. Or maybe fiancé Ruston Kelly should duck and run for cover.

If you didn’t know, Mercury is the planet that is closest to the sun, so it doesn’t take it as long to orbit as does Earth. Three or four times a year, it zooms past our beautiful planet and, just like a car passing you on the interstate, you can feel it.

And that’s your science lesson for the day.

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