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Death can hit us all in different ways. For some, death of a loved one can seem like a sweet release and a welcoming experience to know that the pain is gone. For others, the death of a loved one can stick with us for as long as we live.

And for Justin Moore, the recent death of Backroad Anthem’s Craig Strickland has hit the country music superstar harder than he ever thought.

“It’s really bothered me, more so than others,” Moore said in an exclusive interview with Rare Country. “I think it’s because Craig and I had so many similarities. He was married and he was a man of faith, and of course, there was the music.”

It was in fact the music that brought these two Arkansas boys together in the first place. “We did a lot of shows together in the last few years,” Moore says. “Anytime I was around Arkansas I would venture to say that they always did shows with me. We played a show together this last football season. We would talk about music and about hunting and the Razorbacks. It’s just incredibly sad and reminds us all how short life is.”

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