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Could you do it?

Could you find a way to smile at the camera today when you don’t know what the future holds tomorrow? Could you remain your children’s highest inspiration when you undoubtedly feel like you are at your very lowest? Could your faith ever be that strong?

It’s a question we have been asking ourselves lately thanks to Joey+Rory’s Joey Feek.

As she continues to battle against the cruel effects of Stage 4 cancer, Joey continues to radiate a light within her. With every new picture and every new blog post, Joey is showing us what it looks like to find shelter within one’s faith.

In a new picture shared with family, friends and fans on Nov. 19 on the Joey+Rory Facebook page, Joey is shown in her hospital bed with her walker by her side.

But that’s not what we notice first in this picture. Instead, we notice the smiles — the bright smiles of Joey and her dear daughter, Indiana, illuminating what could be a very dreary room.

“The mail lady delivered big smiles to us today…. hand-sewn hats, made with love,” declares the Facebook post.

Love. It can brighten any room — and anyone’s life.

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