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There was a time not so long ago that many country music fans wondered aloud if Joey Feek would make it to see Valentine’s Day. Would the cancer hold off long enough to allow the dear country singer to spend the February 14 holiday with her dear husband and duo partner Rory and their adorable daughter Indiana?

Well today, we got our answer.

On the morning of February 14, Joey+Rory posted an Instagram picture showing Joey receiving a much deserved smooch from Indiana, with the simple words “…happy Valentine’s Day mama” listed above the heartwarming photo.

…happy Valentine's Day mama

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And while Rory wrote in a blog post February 12 that he might wish that they could have more extravagant plans on this lovely evening, it’s safe to assume that Joey has already received her greatest gift.

“Yes, I have a plan,” Rory wrote in his February 12 blog. “But mine always gives way to His.

Master plan.”

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