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Jason Aldean scored a hit song a few years back with “Fly Over States,” a song about the men and women in the heartland of America who don’t often feel their voices are heard in the media and politics.

This latest presidential election made that divide even more pronounced, and Jason has seen it play out everywhere.

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“The common man is highly underestimated” Jason tells “Rolling Stone.” “I heard a lady say it on the news the other day. She’s talking about Trump speaking to people who made under 60 grand a year. And she’s in New York, and she says, ‘To be honest, I don’t even know anybody that makes under 60 grand a year.’ No offense, but that’s where I came from. And that’s the issue. The common person out there, the everyday guy who is going to work and wanting a normal life for his family, he doesn’t work on Wall Street … that guy still has a voice. And there is a lot of them out there who feel like they’re forgotten about.”

Jason says that Donald Trump spoke directly to those working class Americans, which is a big reason he is now the President-elect.

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Jason adds, “Trump, like the guy or not, he was out there busting his butt on the campaign trail, talking to these people and putting it in laymen’s terms for them, listening to what they had to say. He wasn’t just focusing on the big companies and the big cities. He was digging in to the heartland of America. You saw those people come out in a big way to support that because they want to feel like they have a voice, too. He shocked the world with that.”

Jason goes on to say that he didn’t vote this year because he recently moved to a new county and didn’t get registered in time. That’s not to say he didn’t want to cast his ballot.

“Trust me, I wanted to,” Jason says. “This is the first year I haven’t [voted] since I can remember.”

When asked whether he would have voted for Trump, Jason declined to answer.

“That’s one subject I do stay away from,” he explains. “Politics is a no-win.”

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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