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From the day we learned of her arrival in May, we’ve been astonished at how quickly and easily Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins’ daughter, Willa Gray, has adapted to her new life.

Going from an orphanage in Uganda to a nice home and the lifestyle of a country star in the United States would be a shock for any baby. Little Willa has experienced tofu, TV cameras, the ocean, giant stages where daddy was under the spotlight, wagon rides with Papa Rhett and watching mommy’s tummy grow with her new baby sister. And she’s taken it all in stride.

Dogs took a little longer for her to warm up to, but with two in the Akins home—Catahoulas named Cash and Kona—Willa had to learn to love them.

Now, she’s also learned to walk them. Well, sort of.

And of course it was all caught on camera!


Under the watchful eye of mom and dad, Willa Gray, dressed in a precious floral onesie, takes Kona’s leash, and while Lauren instructs her to call the pup’s name, the pair stroll through the grass.


Only we aren’t completely solid on who is walking who. It looks like Willa would have preferred to stay in the grass, but Kona has other plans and leads her to Lauren and Thomas.


And, once again, we have are on cuteness overload and can’t wait for our next fix.

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