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We always knew Kane Brown was different. His look, combined with an ultra-traditional voice and his authentic personality, was something we don’t see often in country music these days.

And it made us all fall in love.

On March 18, the Georgia boy who became an Internet phenomenon via his traditional YouTube country covers released his highly-anticipated EP called “Chapter 1.” On the same day, he released his video for his rising hit single “Used To Love You Sober.”

And yes, things have gotten surreal for the 22-year-old.

“My career started with the fans and “Chapter 1” is just the beginning,” Kane said in a press release about the album, which claimed the No. 1 spots on the iTunes Country Album and iTunes Overall Album charts. “The love and support I’ve gotten for these songs first out on the road and now with “Chapter 1″ is crazy. I am so grateful and excited for this EP and also for what is coming in the future. This is chapter one, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of the story.”

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