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Natalie Maines is filled with loathing for President Donald Trump, and she’s making sure everyone knows.

Meanwhile her home state has been hit by one of the most devastating natural disasters in its history and she has not publicly uttered a word about it.

The Dixie Chicks lead singer has made her displeasure with Trump well-known on her social media pages since he took office last November. And hey, it’s her First Amendment right to do so. Freedom of speech, y’all.

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In fact, as recently as August 28, Natalie was jabbing at the president on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of a very disgruntled looking, but pretty kitty, Natalie wrote, “This is how I feel every morning when I wake up and see that Trump still hasn’t choked on a Trump steak.”


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What stands out most, though, is that flipping through the previous days of her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, the native of Lubbock, Texas, has made no mention of Hurricane Harvey or the devastation in her home state.

The beautiful thing about social media is that you can decorate your page however you would like, it just seems like a sharp contrast for someone who took such a strong stance as a Texan in making a pubic statement against President Bush in 2003.

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