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There is a long list of reasons why just so many country music fans adore Scotty McCreery. From his faith and his adorable smile to his adoration of the country music of yesteryear, the Carolina native has got it all.

But’s it’s that darn voice that gets us each and every time.

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But besides his voice, fans also have long appreciated Scotty’s humbleness about fame overall, especially as he celebrates his 23rd birthday on Oct. 9 and has already seen more fame that most people will ever see in their lifetime.

But, you wouldn’t know it just by talking to him.

“I don’t think humans are meant to be adored and worshiped like this,” Scotty said in a recent interview. “When you’ve got people screaming your name and crying just because they touch your hand, that can make you get a big head. Lucky for me, I’ve got friends and family back home who could care less. They tell me to take the trash out and do stuff like that. That helps me stay level-headed.”

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And it’s those friends that will help Scotty celebrate his birthday. “We have this thing we call the State Cup,” says Scotty. “There’s eight guys and we play a tournament with each other – four versus four. It’s a great time and I’m looking forward to it.”

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