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You had a ton of questions for Scotty McCreery via Twitter, and we did our best to get them answered in this interview with the country favorite.

Michelle asked if writing his upcoming memoir, “Go Big or Go Home” was a challenge? Scotty admitted it was difficult writing his stories in chapters as opposed to capturing it all in a 3-minute song.

He says, “That was the tough part. It took a few months to put all this together and put it in book form.”

Corrine wanted to know if Scotty talked all about his love life with his girlfriend, Gabi, in the book, which is due out May 3?

He says “Yeah, we talk about it [in the book]. A little bit of love.”

Shauna asked Scotty what’s his biggest pet peeve?

“I can’t stand a slow driver in the left lane,” he says. “Get out of my way.”

Shauna also wanted us to let Scotty know he’s really adorable and would he ever consider being a part-time model, in addition to playing music?

Scotty replied that he’s already doing modeling work on his new book cover.

He says with a smile, “You look at that book cover. It’s all about the eyes. You’ve just got to speak through the eyes.”

Jordan wanted to know how he included his fans in the new book. He said, “They’re everything. They’re the reason, literally, I can write a book. Everything they read in there, they can claim for themselves. Every story in there is them. They’re passionate.”

Those passionate fans will want to head over to Barnes & Noble’s website now to pre-order a limited, signed edition of “Go Big or Go Home.”

As for when you can expect to hear new music from Scotty, he hopes to release an album by the end of 2016.

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