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It’s been a little over a month since country music sensation Carrie Underwood released her sinful smash “Dirty Laundry.” Now, she’s giving fans a taste of the upcoming music video for the song.

And, oh boy! We can already tell that it’s going to be red-hot!

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On Oct. 10, the stunning songstress unleashed a sneak peek of the wondrous new clip on her Instagram page with the simple hashtag #DirtyLaundryVideo.


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The dramatic, black-and-white Shane C. Drake-directed sequence shows Carrie looking edgy in a sparkly jacket and skin-tight pants. A snake stealthily glides its way through the mess of a man’s buttoned-up shirt, while a bottle of lipstick rests quietly atop an otherwise empty counter. The word “Love” appears only for a split second, before the camera captures the intense emotion on Carrie’s face.

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“I really connected with Shane’s artistic vision for the video,” said Carrie in a press release, “It’s all about emotion and that moment when a woman has finally reached that point, after the heartache, of being done with a relationship.”

On Oct. 12, fans can see the official full-length version of the video for “Dirty Laundry” when it premieres on “Entertainment Tonight.” ET will also reveal a behind-the-scenes look from the video shoot following the exclusive premiere.

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