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No one can seem to resist the sweetness of Kellie Pickler.

Even rough and tough NASCAR drivers.

Just last month, Pickler was on hand at the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Brickyard 400 to sing the National Anthem alongside guitarist Dave Baker and delighted the crowd with her patriotic rendition of the song. Yet, the appearance was just a tease for Pickler’s avid fans that miss seeing her more.

Well, look no further.

CMT announced today that Pickler’s new reality show “I Love Kellie Pickler” will in fact debut come November 5. The show will follow what has to be a hilarious ride through life for Pickler and her hubby/songwriter/ producer Kyle Jacobs.

“When my husband co-wrote a song titled ‘Ain’t No Cure for Crazy’ and said it was meant just for me, I had to wonder,” said Pickler in a recent press release. “We know how crazy our life is with both of us being in the entertainment business and all that it entails while trying to maintain a somewhat ‘normal’ marriage.  It’ll be fun to let the rest of the world see into that window of our life.”

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