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There is plenty that happens to a young artist in country music that can bring them to tears, from losing a record deal (sad tears) to winning an award (happy tears). When Lauren Alaina got a call from Damon Moberly, a man in her record label’s promotion department, telling her she had a No. 1 single, it looked like the tears she shed were a combination of disbelief, exhaustion and sheer joy.

Lauren’s Universal Music Group record label captured video of the magical moment when the singer-songwriter received the news that she had her first chart-topper as both an artist and as a songwriter. In the YouTube video, we see Damon making that call and as Lauren realizes who it is, she almost braces herself for the worst.

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As he delivers the news, our pretty Georgia girl’s face begins to twist into shock and then into tears, and you can tell that the record label executive may not have been prepared for such an emotional response. But after he hangs up, she shrieks with delight and does what any good country girl would do—she calls her mom.

Let us explain a little bit of the back end of these calls. Most record labels have departments with guys like Damon who spend their weeks calling radio stations to encourage them to play their artists records. After stations start playing the songs, those teams are still calling, visiting and constantly traveling to get those stations to play them more. It’s one of the best jobs at the record label and also one of the hardest. So when they score a No. 1 for their artists, it is an event worth celebrating, and the person who gets to make the call to their star is a lucky soul.

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This hit has been a long time coming for Lauren Alaina. It was nearly six years ago that the petite and pretty blonde went toe-to-toe with her good pal Scotty McCreery in the “American Idol” finale. Since then, she has released a handful of singles to country radio and a couple of albums, including her most recent, “Road Less Traveled,” which debuted at No. 3 on the country albums chart. She also underwent vocal chord surgery, which is always incredibly risky for singers, and has undergone a physical transformation that not only reshaped her body, but also empowered her mind, giving us a stronger, sassier and (how is this possible) even more delightful version of Lauren.

So, Damon, we echo your sentiment—Lauren, you deserve it!

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