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It was news that rocked the country world to its very core. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announced just minutes before the 2015 CMA Awards that the rumors were indeed true – the two “The Voice” coaches were, in fact, a couple.

This November, it will be one year since that groundbreaking announcement.

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As the two lovebirds approach the occasion of their one-year anniversary, Gwen is opening up about the year that it’s been.

“It’s weird!” 47-year-old Gwen tells People Magazine in a brand0new interview. “I was thinking about that because I feel like last year at this time, I went and took my kids to go see ‘The Sound of Music’ for my birthday. You do that. You go, ‘Where was I last year?’ I can’t say anything, but I’m so blessed. It’s just crazy how much happened, you know what I mean? So many beautiful memories.”

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And while many country fans balked at the sheer idea of the twosome at the beginning, Gwen tells the magazine that the two feel thankful for the support of their true fans.

“We feel it,” Gwen says. “I was saying yesterday to somebody, I really feel the love, you know what I mean? It’s hard to put into words, but it’s a really cool thing to have that.”

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