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Willie Nelson is something of a global ambassador for marijuana, and he’s putting the peer pressure on a fellow country legend to give the herb another try.

Loretta Lynn was prescribed marijuana by her doctor to help with her glaucoma. “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” apparently wasn’t a fan of the stuff when she tried to smoke a joint.

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Back in November, Loretta told “People,” “I took one smoke off of it and it hit me right here in the chest. I like to have died! Glaucoma is just going to have to take over.”

Now, Willie is ready to step in and coach his fellow Country Music Hall of Fame member on how to smoke a joint correctly.

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He tells the Associated Press, “She’s got a lot of guts. She’ll try anything. Maybe I should help her.”

Just make sure the cameras are rolling when you give Loretta those marijuana lessons, Willie. That’s something we’ve got to see!

On the music front, Willie is set to release a new album, “God’s Problem Child,” this spring. It will feature some of the last recordings from his friend Leon Russell, who passed away last year.

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