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Superstar Kelly Clarkson says her entire experience at the 2006 Grammy Awards was “very much a roller coaster ride.”

Not only because she performed her hit, “Because of You”, and accepted her first two awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album, but also because something else was weighing heavily on her mind. She thought she had cancer.

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“I was told that morning that I had cancerous results for something,” Kelly, 34, shared for the very first time on Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast. “Here’s the horrible part: I went the whole day crying. They had to redo my makeup four times because I was like, ‘Wow, I’m so young.’ I was just completely freaking out.”

With the devastating news troubling her, the then-23-year-old teared up, as she went to collect her wins.

“When I won, I thought, ‘Oh my God! This is God giving me like one cool thing before something horrible happens,’” said Kelly. “I was so dramatic about it because I was 20-something and scared. It was so weird. I don’t even remember anything but being terrified.”

Thankfully, though, the “Piece By Piece” singer’s cancer diagnosis was a false alarm.

“I went [to the doctor] the next day, and they apologized for mixing up results,” Kelly explained. ” I was like, ‘Are you for real? You completely ruined my entire [Grammy experience]. As a kid watching the Grammys, it was a big dream!”

She continued, “It was kind of the worst/greatest day. And the next day was also the worst/greatest day because I wanted to punch someone. I was like, ‘Who mixes up results? Why wouldn’t you test again?’ It was very much a roller coaster ride, that day, for me. So, it’s kind of unfortunate, but a lot of the moments got stolen from that mishap. But hey, I didn’t have cancer!”

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Despite being robbed from enjoying her night, Kelly will get to experience another big night soon, as she is up for a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for her “American Idol” version of “Piece by Piece.”

The 59th annual Grammy Awards air at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12 on CBS.

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