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Sure, the new year is brought in traditionally with a champagne toast, but if you’re going out on the town or even if you’re staying in with friends and family, is that your drink of choice for the entire evening’s celebration?

Not if you’re George Strait. The King of Country Music goes a little harder when he’s looking for an adult beverage — tequila.

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In an interview with “The Daily Beast,” George admits it wasn’t always that way. “I drank a little bit of tequila, but when I did, it would go into a shot. And I tried to get the taste out of my mouth as fast as I could with some salt and lime,” he says. Earlier in 2016, though, he partnered with Codija 1530 to bring a premium tequila from Mexico to the United States, and since he discovered the drink in Cabo, it has become his “drink of choice.”

Now, George says he likes wine with dinner, but “after dinner, tequila is great. Before dinner, tequila is great.”

We get the message.

After all that tequila, wine, whiskey, beer or New Year’s Eve bubbly, though, there’s bound to be a hangover or at least a solid headache. And George has a favorite cure for what ails him there, too — menudo. “It’s very, very tasty,” he says. “When I have the occasional hangover, which I try not to do, if I can get some menudo that’s what I get.”

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For those of you who may not know, menudo is a a traditional Mexican soup made with tripe, beef broth and a red chile paste base. Lime, onion and cilantro are often added.

Oh, and tripe? That’s cow stomach, so good luck with that hangover cure.

For those who are concerned about George’s drinking habits, it should be known that early in the article with “The Daily Beast,” the country music superstar says that his drink of choice is water.

Whether you’re sipping champagne or sparkling cider, we’re wishing you and yours a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and an amazing 2017.

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