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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have made so many memories onstage together.

But, perhaps nothing compares to the time when they got engaged!

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Fans may recall that Garth popped the question to his bride back in 2005 during a concert at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California. The memory of that particular moment brings tears to the 55-year-old country crooner’s eyes.

“Her dad was there and her mother was there and it was big,” Garth recently told “The Insider.” “My father was there [too] so it was cool. I love that woman.”

And, when it comes to earlier pictures of “The Queen,” Garth can’t help but gush! On Valentine’s Day, Trisha took to Instagram with a throwback photo featuring the two before they tied the knot. She captioned, “‘She’s in love with the boy!'”

“I think I was 27 and she was 25,” said Garth, as he admired the photo, “Look at her! She just gets more gorgeous everyday. We also say: this is the picture where we have two good eyebrows between us.”

After seeing the adorable photo, Garth reminisced about the first time that he met Trisha.

“I just remember she was wearing a pair of knock-off Keds with little ankle socks and jeans that were a little bit too high on her ankle,” he said. “She smelled so fantastic.”

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Although Garth seems to be fond of the Trisha he knew back then, it’s clear that his love for her grows more with each day.

“When I think about how much I thought I loved her, pshht, not compared to today,” he smiled, “that’s the bomb right there.”

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