Country star Johnny Lee sang about “looking for love in all the wrong places,” but if you listen to that whole hit song, popularized in the movie “Urban Cowboy,” you’ll know that in the end he “found a friend and a lover.” Happily ever after, right?

When it comes to happily-ever-afters, we have a lot of pretty good fairy tale romances in country music, but for this special edition of Rare Country’s 5, host Erin Holt counts down five of the sweetest country music romances, from pretty young loves to an iconic country couple that is no longer with us.

And if you’re single, remember, it’s “Cuffing Season”— the time of year between fall and winter when the weather starts to get chilly and single men and women begin to couple up. It may be for a night or it may be for life, but it definitely is a thing, so get ready!

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Now let’s count up our five favorite country love stories:

They may be at No. 5, but when it comes to pure preciousness, Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins can’t be beat. Still in their mid-20s, they dominate social media with photos of family and friends in exotic locations and in their own backyards. Besides just being pretty to look at, their chemistry is palpable, and if you couldn’t see it, they never hesitate to talk about how much they love each other. Plus, they’ve known each other almost their entire lives. All the feels, people. All of ’em.

Carrie Underwood and her handsome hubs, Mike Fisher (captain of Nashville’s hockey team, the Predators), may be a bit more reserved with their PDA, there’s no denying that this couple is in it for the long haul and that’s why they nab the No. 4 spot. That’s not to say they don’t have sparks because when the two first met, those sparks definitely flew, but they kept their budding romance out of the spotlight while it evolved. Now, their unwavering support of each other shows a relationship built on faith and trust, and let’s be honest, they breed beautifully. Son Isaiah is as precious as he could be.

She is, by far, one of the finest female vocalists in the entire history of country music and he redefined entertainment in the format, so when Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks tied the knot, country music had a new power couple and we had our No. 3 love story. Now keep in mind, this iconic couple met back when Trisha was brand new and Garth was already a god, but he was also married to someone else. Things have a way of working out, though, and the proof is in their love story, which is the picture of strength, trust and commitment.

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We may have to turn up the air for our No. 2 country love story, because when it comes to a smoking hot and sexy relationship, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are molten lava. Sure, they’re both gorgeous, neither one of them has aged, and they’ve only gotten more attractive, but that sizzle factor comes as much from the way they look at and speak to each other as it does their physical appearances. Follow them on social media and throw your copy of “50 Shades of Grey” away.

When it comes to iconic country music couples, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash sit at the throne and at our No. 1 spot on Rare Country 5’s sweetest love stories. Part of what makes this relationship so important is that it didn’t come easy. June and Johnny’s romance had a rocky start with both in different relationships, but the attraction was real, no matter how hard they tried to fight it. And, much like Garth and Trisha, things work out as they’re supposed to, and after a tumultuous and rocky road, June and Johnny were united for eternity. In fact, it was only a few months after June passed away in 2003 that Johnny died, too. Perhaps he died of a broken heart. If you haven’t seen the movie “Walk the Line,” do yourself a favor and check it out this holiday season.

Thanks for checking out this special edition of Rare Country’s 5 and be sure to tune in next week when we re-cap the week’s biggest stories in country music.

Based in Nashville, Tammy is a 20-year veteran of the country music community. She has worked in marketing, PR and artist development in the past. Follow her @TammyGooGoo and join the conversation @RareCountry
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