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If anybody’s good at juggling careers, it’s Faith Hill.

At least when it comes to music videos.

Seventeen years ago, we were charmed with “The Way You Love Me.” Along with the song came a video complete with costume changes and colorful vignettes.

First, Faith’s a waitress, then she’s a nurse and you know it, she’s a police officer. Although the horizontal clips are just enough to make you dizzy, it’s the bubbly blonde’s playful and fun character, or should we say characters, that keeps us engaged.

While “The Way You Love Me” became the second single off of her 1999 album “Breathe,” it landed within the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and soared to the top of the Billboard Country charts. At the time, Faith must have been riding on a high from her recent marriage to hubby Tim McGraw, because the record showcased an extra dose of love songs compared to her others.

In 2000, the country lovebirds embarked on a couple’s tour – their first tour since falling in love. Their tour was to support Tim’s “A Place In The Sun” album and “Breathe.” Even though Faith isn’t currently running around in three different work outfits, her and Tim split roles on a daily basis. They both juggle their music careers, family and marriage.

This year marks the couple’s 20th anniversary.

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