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Poor Garth. In the absence of a box of Kleenex, the country star used the sleeve of his hoodie to wipe away tears. And there were a lot during his March 5 “Inside Studio G” Facebook Live series.

They weren’t sad tears but tears of joy, pride and satisfaction after he shared the 10th anniversary video of “We Shall Be Free” some 15 years later. And the viewers’ response was so overwhelming, that Garth couldn’t hold back his emotions as hard as he tried.

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In fact, he desperately wanted to change the subject when his Facebook Live producers pulled a video question from Rare Country’s Hunter Kelly. Hunter asked Garth why this was the song that the country star chose to pull from his star-studded Rolodex to recruit participants. Garth laughed seeing Hunter’s familiar face, but then answered, “I just thought this was probably the most important one. If we wouldn’t have ‘We Shall Be Free,’ this idea would have probably come with ‘People Loving People.’ Just to hear these people, the people that are maybe leaders to some of us, I know they’re heroes to some of us or idols to some of us, to hear them say love one another, give peace a chance, we’re better with one. I love the Forest line where he says, ‘The most powerful weapon we have is love.’”

Garth then asked to please move on from “We Shall Be Free” for fear of crying through the entire “Inside Studio G.”

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As the superstar wiped more tears from his eyes, viewer Lisa asked Garth for his favorite line from “We Shall Be Free.”

“That’s a tough one,” he said, then choked back tears as he finished, “When there’s only one race and that’s mankind, then we shall be free.” As he laughingly composed himself, Garth continued, “I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s just the time that our nation is in right now or what, but this song is killing me.”

It wasn’t just that song, though. Later on as Garth answered another fan’s question about tattooed lyrics, he recited his favorite line from “Belleau Wood” — “Heaven’s not beyond the clouds, it’s just beyond the fear.” He then choked up saying, “Here we go again.”

It may have been a teary “Inside Studio G” this week, but it was also one of the best we’ve ever seen and gave us plenty of reasons to want to watch again and tune in next week.

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