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Not many people have gotten as close to presidential contender Donald Trump as country star John Rich of Big & Rich. The singer won Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” competition back in 2011, and he’s got the killer Trump impression to prove it.

John unleashed his Donald Trump voice while telling us about a conversation he had with Donald during his time on the NBC show. Even back then, Trump was talking seriously about a shot at the presidency.

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John tells Rare Country, “He said, ‘They want me to run for president.’ I went, ‘I heard that.’ ‘But you know, ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ I can’t do both at the same time.’ We had this little back and forth.”

John was just as surprised as everyone else when Trump actually threw his hat in the ring.

“I think the whole world went, ‘That ain’t gonna happen. No way.'”

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Of course, Donald Trump is very much in the running for the White House. While John doesn’t want to get into the politics of it all just yet, he does endorse Trump as a father.

Says John, “Regardless of politics, if your kids turn out that good, that’s a pretty good resume. So, we’ll see what happens.”

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