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There have been pictures — tons and tons of pictures — of Joey Feek living out her last days, whether sharing a dance with her devoted husband or sharing one kiss after another with their dear daughter Indiana.

But it wasn’t until we watched this video that it finally hit us.

Granted, nothing has hit country fans as hard as the news of Joey’s passing March 4. But for some reason, this video may just be hitting all of us harder.

“From the time she was four years old, Joey had been singing Dolly’s songs and dreamed of one day meeting her,” Rory wrote in a March 4 blog post. “Coat of Many Colors was a regular part of our show, and at home she loved to put on Dolly and listen to “Hello God,” “When I Sing For Him,” “Me and Little Andy” and many others. She never got the chance to meet her in person and had no idea that Dolly even knew who she was. But that changed one Friday evening this past November. Joey’s family, Russdriver and I gathered around Joey’s bedside to watch the movie “Hope Floats” (one of the few movies Joey knew and loved) with her.  But instead of pushing play on the DVD, I pushed play on the video I had received … and we all watched Joey watch.  It was the most beautiful moment I have ever been part of.”

Whether it’s the sound of her barely-there voice or the way her husband Rory comforts her as she cries tears tinged with a mix of pain and happiness, this video is a precious peek into those painful yet beautiful last days of Joey Feek.

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