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When you’re one of the biggest stars in country music, you can postpone a show for a multitude of reasons and most fans are pretty forgiving. They’re majorly disappointed, no doubt, but country fans have as much heart and humanity as the artists, so they get it. And things like a broken bone are usually a good reason to cancel a show.

But that wasn’t a good enough reason for Luke Bryan to cancel a show.

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On Thursday, we reported that the handsome and fit superstar took a spill on his bicycle and broke his clavicle. By nature of the injury, it can’t be splinted or put in a cast, it just has to be immobilized by putting your arm in a sling to take the weight off of the break.

You’ve seen Luke perform before, right? The man moves! Arms, legs, head and tushy — he’s almost a blur the way he races around the stage.

Still, he had already canceled the first show on his Farm Tour in Gaston, South Carolina, as the city was facing potential evacuation with the onset of Hurricane Matthew. So, the thought of disappointing another show’s worth of fans in Greenback, Tennessee was the last thing Luke wanted. Plus, the show held special importance since Bob Schmidt, the founder of Maple Lane Farms where the show was held, had passed away earlier in the year.

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So, Luke took the stage with his arm in a sling and gave the folks a great and only mildly impeded show, but the pain was pretty obvious when, during “Country Girl (Shake It for Me),” he tried to drop it like it’s hot, but winced in pain and mouthed “I can’t do it.”

seeing him shake it in that sling cracks me up 😂 #lukebryan #TeamLuke

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But, from the roar of the crowd, it sounds like they were happy with his effort. Luke removed the sling to shoot a four-song set for Facebook Live telling the in-person and online audience, “Hey, I can still shake it with one arm. I can shake it.” And he certainly did. With his thumb hooked in his belt to keep it from swinging, he did his signature grind, confirming that he is, in fact, country music’s Elvis.

Rare Country sends our get well wishes to Luke Bryan.

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