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NASCAR drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr. don’t have many breaks during the season, with races usually taking up their weekends. Yet, the recent Easter holiday gave drivers like Dale the time to take a moment and spend time with the people they love the most.

And for Dale, that’s his wife Amy.

In an April 18 podcast, Dale and Amy spoke about how they spent their off weekend with family and friends… and lots of kids.

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“That was a first time thing for us actually,” says Amy while speaking of the plane ride to Key West where four young family members were on board with them on their private plane. “We’ve done family trips but have never flown together like that.”

“That was a wake-up call,” Dale laughed. “We still want to have kids – yes. That plane ride did not deter me.”

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The two also enjoyed time in Texas “in Amy’s neck of the woods” during their break from the racetrack, sharing a number of pictures from their vacation time on their socials. “You got to experience the hills on your bike,” Amy said, referring to Dale’s continued love of cycling. “You rode more than you needed to.”

Who loves who more?…who knows. And who cares!

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Uncle Dale, what does a shark do? 😂

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Unfortunately, the break for these two lovebirds is over as NASCAR heads to Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend.

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