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NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. and new wife Amy have been very open since their New Year’s Eve nuptials that they are looking to start a family. But just like any couple considering the sheer thought of having kids, the star-studded couple recently got quite the reality check, courtesy of some hilarious viral videos.

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On March 19, Dale Jr. shared a video with his fans on Twitter of a family out on an excursion to look at some zoo animals. And right when the camera turns to show the children’s delight, the child throws up everywhere.

“I can’t stop laughing at this,” Dale Jr. wrote. “@AmyEarnhardt says “sure we want kids?”

In the next video, a security camera shows two twin boys jumping in and out of their cribs throughout the night while their parents are sleeping. “Hahaha so funny when they take a break to just chill on the couch,” Dale Jr. shared.

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Of course, anyone who knows this couple is quick to realize that a few scary viral videos won’t sway this dynamic duo from the chance to be parents. NASCAR fans look forward to the day when that news finally comes out!

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