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When one is in the public eye, chances are that they will be faced with a number of situations that just might give them the creeps, especially when interacting with fans.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. just found himself in one of those sticky situations.

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In his July 11 podcast, Dale Jr. opened up about a recent situation that occurred at Kentucky Speedway, in which a male fan old enough to know better asked the NASCAR favorite for a selfie.

“I was walking through the garage area, and I’m 42, and there was a guy that might’ve been 40, 50 years old, hollerin’ at me in this big environment, lot of people,” Dale Jr. said. “He’s hollering at me probably 20 yards away: ‘Dale, can I get a selfie?’ And I’m just thinking, ‘Man, it’s weird to hear that from another man.’ And so I was thinking to myself, ‘Have I ever shouted, “Hey can I get a selfie” to another man?’ And I always think to myself, ‘You know, I don’t.’ I actually hand the camera to some man and say, ‘Hey, can you take a picture of me with this person I want to take a picture with?’ ”

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Indeed, Dale Jr. went on to say there comes a time for men to probably put a stop to selfies. But females — he’s good with it.

“Now, I think women are on the selfie train for life,” he said. “There’s never a bad time for a woman to ask for a selfie. There’s never an age limit or anything like that. Women can selfie all day long.”

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