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Dale Earnhardt Jr. comes from a long line of NASCAR greats, so it might be safe to assume that he hopes his future children would find a home in the sport that made his last name famous.

Well, think again.

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In this week’s podcast titled “The Biggest Adjustment since Getting Married,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy discussed the possibility of their future children entering the sport. “It would be hard for me,” Dale Jr. admitted in the weekly podcast. “I definitely will not push that on them. I’d rather them not be race car drivers. It’s freaking expensive. I would be super proud if that’s what they wanted to do.”

His answer seemed to surprise Amy just a bit.

“The only reason I would discourage it would be I would be scared as a mom,” she added. “You want your kids to be safe.”

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“There is a lot of good and bad about racing,” Dale Jr. continued. “I think it’s hard on your psyche. I would be super proud if they went to college and got an awesome degree and a super great job.”

Looks like we will have to wait to see. The couple has long expressed their hopes to have children and start a family together, but heck, they just got married on New Year’s Eve. Give it time.

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