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It’s rare that a couple makes it to the altar without spending some time apart. Whether it’s a temporary breakup or work commitments that keep them in different cities, that distance can often make the reunion even sweeter.

That’s exactly what new group LANco is singing about in their new hit, “Greatest Love Story,” which they just performed on NBC’s “Today” on April 17.

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Lead singer Brandon Lancaster wrote the song partly inspired by his own love story with his fiancée, Tiffany. He says, ” When you spend time apart, that’s when you really find what you really appreciate and what you’re missing from not only that relationship, but also that person in general.”

Judging from the messages LANco is getting on social media, thousands of others out there are identifying with “Greatest Love Story.”

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Band member Tripp Howell says, “We get messages all the time of people saying, ‘That was our first dance at our wedding.’ If one person says that, you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m a part of someone’s history.'”

“Greatest Love Story” is included on LANco’s self-titled EP, available now. Head over to to get a look at the band’s tour dates.

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