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Cole Swindell isn’t going to lie – the boy is tired.

One of country music’s brightest young stars, Cole spends much of his time out on the road and away from his Music City home, playing his insanely popular hits such as “You Should Be Here,” “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” and “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” for fans all across the country.

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“Nashville is loaded with hot spots, but honestly when I am off the road, I’m usually on the couch or doing laundry,” Cole laughs in an exclusive video premiering on Rare Country. “That’s about all I have time to do. I’m usually so tired to go out to do anything.”

But don’t let the 33-year-old from Georgia fool y’all. The country standout has long been known to be one of those artists to hang out in the honky-tonks lining Broadway, surprising fans with his sheer presence.

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Cole also says he likes to check out some other spots in Nashville where songwriters like himself can congregate, such as Nashville’s famous Whiskey Jams on Monday night. “(Whiskey Jam features) a bunch of new writers and artists,” explains Cole, who recently took home the Songwriter/New Artist of the Year award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International. “They are always fun.”

And when he just wants to sit down and enjoy a good meal?

“One of my new favorite places to eat is Moto,” Cole concludes. “Check that out.”

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