These days, the world may have turned into a politically correct place where God isn’t welcome in our schools or our public spaces, but He will always be welcome in our country music. Because in the days before bro-country and hick hop took hold of the radio airwaves, the idea of faith always seemed to take center stage with country artists.

No, not THAT Faith.

Dolly Parton has never been shy about her faith and has sung about it for as long as she’s been singing. In the fall of 1989, Dolly took the stage at the CMA Awards and belted out a live performance of her then current single “He’s Alive.” Her voice was so strong that had there been a choir loft in the arena, she might have shaken it.

Dolly sang the song, but she did not write it. Instead, it came from Don Francisco in the early 1980’s. That mattered not to Dolly, as she has always been an artist who prefers substance over everything else.

When you factor in the message, “He’s Alive” was one of those songs she just had to sing. As she said just before that remarkable CMA performance, she has just one wish for you as she sings this song: “As Mama would say, I hope you get a blessing out of it.”

Based in Chicago but often in Nashville, Ken Churilla is a contributor for Rare Country. Follow him @KenChurilla and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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