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Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Life is meant to be long and sweet, and lived whole-heartedly. Life is meant to be beautiful, especially when you’re a gorgeous woman loved by an incredible husband, adorable baby girl and millions of country fans.

Life is meant to be wonderful, but that doesn’t always mean it’s fair.

And in an Oct. 23 blog post from Joey+Rory about Joey’s ongoing battle with Stage IV cancer, country music fans from around the country were reminded of that simple fact in the most painful of ways:

“Then the doctor explained that the scans revealed that two quarter-sized tumors have already grown back in the same area that they had been blasting daily with chemo and radiation. And that many more smaller tumors were visible all throughout the abdominal region.  She said that the cancer was aggressively spreading in spite of all they’ve been doing.

So we did what you do when the medicine isn’t working, and the doctors are at a loss…and when the ‘statistics” say you can do more chemo, but it will only buy you a little time…

We came home.”

Rory goes on to say in the same blog post that Joey has not come home to die, but live. Though Joey’s devoted husband is confused and scared and sad, he says they haven’t given up hope — but are looking for a miracle.

And that they need all the prayers they can get.

And that’s what we’ll give them.

Tricia Despres is the contributing editor for Rare Country, based out of Chicago, Illinois. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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